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The New SAT is an achievement test designed to predict a student’s success in and readiness for college. It features redesigned sections, new types of questions, a new way of scoring, and more. The New SAT measures a student’s knowledge of Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math. Colleges and universities evaluate this information in making admissions decisions. The redesigned Math section concentrates primarily on algebra, advanced math, and problem solving / data analysis. The redesigned Evidence-Based Reading section evaluates critical reading skills that students will need for college and beyond. The Writing and Language section has been redesigned to assess command of evidence, expression of ideas, words in context, standard English conventions, and analysis in history, social studies, and science.



While not being the only determining factor in admissions, most colleges and universities stress the importance of a student’s highest SAT and/or ACT scores, accompanied by factors like GPA, class rank, strength of curriculum, and a student’s extracurricular commitments.


College Edge offers SAT courses year round. With the exception of summer courses, each course is six weeks in duration and consists of eleven three-hour classes as well as four diagnostic practice tests. Classes meet twice a week, and practice tests are given on Saturdays. Pizza is served during the course break in our weeknight classes. Class time is divided among the areas of Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Essay. Enrollment in each course is limited to 15 students to allow for quality interaction and exchange between instructors and students.

Our Math preparation offers an extensive review of basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Other topics covered are Data Analysis, higher-level concepts in Algebra such as quadratic and higher-order equations, and Trigonometry. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Scores increase through the use of intelligent strategies for answering vocabulary as well as reading comprehension questions. Writing preparation provides an extensive grammar review and concentrates on organizing a strong essay within a limited time constraint. Through these comprehensive subject area reviews and ample study of test-taking methods, students will confidently determine ways to succeed against the rigors of standardized testing.





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